Albertavia Mummers Collective

The Albertavia Mummers Collective began their magical journey in Fall 2008 and made their official debut at the 2nd Deep Freeze Winter Byzantine Festival. But what is a Mummers play? To the Albertavia Mummers Collective it is team of artists that bring together mythical lore, history, and the essence of communities in a 20-minute play for all to enjoy. Since the premier of their first play, “Knighty Knight”, they have grown the tale into an absurdly wonderful trilogy.

The founder, Randall Fraser, says:

“…the real purpose and magic is in the connection between the players and the audience. Drawing our neighbours together and getting them invested and involved in the silliness, and giving them a chance to reflect upon, and respond to the larger issues of our lives in a safe, humorous, and loudly shared experience... no matter what the weather! The next step … to make it a genuine community ritual with the people of the community taking the form and creating their own stories and sharing them much the same as when we go caroling, door to door, or pub to pub at Christmas. When I can sit in the audience and watch my neighbours take ownership of this form of celebration, then I will know we’ve done our job adding to the unfolding lore and legends of the Mummers Play.”