Bleeding Heart Art Space: Current Exhibit

Origin Stories

This year during Deep Freeze, be sure to stop into Bleeding Heart Art Space for their current exhibit Origin Stories.

Origin Stories is an installation of artworks by Jenny Hawkinson that explores the external factors that contribute to an identity. It questions the authenticity of personal and collective memory/loss, and the desire to find home in the midst of a shifting world.

Bleeding Heart Art Space
9140 118 Ave, Second floor
Noon - 6 pm on January 13 & 14
FREE Admission

For more info check out the Bleeding Heart Art Space website!

Street Hockey Tourney

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Street Hockey Tourney

Saturday & Sunday
Next to the Northern Lights Family Beer Garden

Who says street hockey is only for the summer? Round up a group of 4-6* of your friends and help us take over 118th Avenue for the Deep Freeze 3 on 3 Street Hockey Tournament. The tournament is played over both days of the festival and teams are guaranteed a minimum of 5 games. Take home a championship or one of the many other prizes available to tournament participants.


> Exciting round-robin action
> Test your shot against the radar gun


> Playoffs and championship game
> 2018 Skills Tournament

Interested in registering for the friendly tournament or have any questions?
Email hockey@deepfreezefest.ca for information.

Registration deadline is Noon on January 10, 2018. Sign up now as space is limited to 16 teams!
*All tournament players must be 18+ years old.

Thank you to our Hockey Sponsors:

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Prairie Homestead 

Prairie Homestead 

Noon – 9:00 pm

Noon – 6:00 pm

92 Street & 118 Avenue

Learn from over 10 makers and crafters of yesteryear, as woodworkers, spinners and weavers create mastepieces.

FEATURED: Old Time Canning & Preserves with Naomi Pahl

Naomi spends much of her spare time during the harvest season preserving fruit and vegetables that she has grown or foraged. Join Naomi on Prairie Homestead where she will share her extensive knowledge and the love of the canning and preserving of fruit and vegetables from the garden. 

FEATURED: Blacksmith Tim Moreland

Come watch and interact with local Blacksmith Tim Moreland and friends in his mobile forge while he works the hot iron on his anvil, creating the metal tools and the hardware that were so vital to both homesteader and pioneer in the early days of the founding of this province. Tim has a passion for tradition and history and he will try to answer all your questions about blacksmithing and local history. 

Giant Fridge Magnet Poetry Project

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Giant Fridge Magnet Poetry Project

Saturday & Sunday
On the Street

The Giant Fridge Magnet Poetry project is an interactive art installation that creates incredibly simple and collaborative art. With nothing more than large word magnets across a canvas of fridges, this installation invites every passer-by to add their piece to an everevolving, never-ending poem. Inspired by Marina Reid Hale.