Prairie Homestead 

Prairie Homestead 

Noon – 9:00 pm

Noon – 6:00 pm

92 Street & 118 Avenue

Learn from over 10 makers and crafters of yesteryear, as woodworkers, spinners and weavers create mastepieces.

FEATURED: Old Time Canning & Preserves with Naomi Pahl

Naomi spends much of her spare time during the harvest season preserving fruit and vegetables that she has grown or foraged. Join Naomi on Prairie Homestead where she will share her extensive knowledge and the love of the canning and preserving of fruit and vegetables from the garden. 

FEATURED: Blacksmith Tim Moreland

Come watch and interact with local Blacksmith Tim Moreland and friends in his mobile forge while he works the hot iron on his anvil, creating the metal tools and the hardware that were so vital to both homesteader and pioneer in the early days of the founding of this province. Tim has a passion for tradition and history and he will try to answer all your questions about blacksmithing and local history.